Epic Pirates Racing Game!

Epic Pirates Racing GameWe had an Epic Pirates game Wednesday night. Counting myself, we had 5 players (including a completely new player).

The scenario was:

This week’s game is a 60pt, multi-player game. Ships, Equipment and crew from any nationality or set are allowed. You fleet is limited to THREE ships (including Flotillas, if wanted). Sea Dragons are prohibited, but other Sea Monsters are allowed. Each player is allowed to place 2 terrain pieces (fog banks, reefs, etc) along the course. No gold, Unique Treasures or Events are allowed.

The race course is one long winding corridor, with loops around a Wild Islands at either end. The winner will be the owner of the first ship to dock at the starting island after going around the Wild Island at the far end of the course.

My fleet consisted of 2 fast ships (the Banshee’s Cry and the Hai Peng), and a big gunship (HMS Grand Temple). Unfortunately, the Hai Peng got sunk early on, smashing my chances of winning, so I spent the game going after the fleet that had attacked me. We called the game before it was complete when it became apparent that no one could catch or stop the winner.

Still, it was a fun night. Many thanks to all of the Pirates players who showed up to play.

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