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Battle Report: Sailpower at Battle at Crossroads 2012

(Cross-posted from We had 3 players (Grey, Justin, and Cary) for our Sailpower game at Battle of Crossroads. To even the playing field, I decided to sit in and play, and we decided to play some of our new ship sculpts. We ended up with to lightly-armed 6-gun merchant ships, a 6-gun Bermuda sloop, [...]


Sneaky Dad is Sneaky

So, this morning my son didn’t want to go to school. He claimed he was sick (stomach), but after checking him over, he wasn’t. I think it ws because he got up too early today, and was up later than normal last night. So, I told him that if he was sick, he needed to [...]


Some video editing/production samples

Sea Dog Game Studios took some videos of the senior GMs at Charcon 2011. They asked me to process the videos are get them posted to their blog and YouTube. The 3 videos below are the ones I have completed so far.   Tweet

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