Battle Report: Sailpower at Battle at Crossroads 2012

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We had 3 players (Grey, Justin, and Cary) for our Sailpower game at Battle of Crossroads. To even the playing field, I decided to sit in and play, and we decided to play some of our new ship sculpts. We ended up with to lightly-armed 6-gun merchant ships, a 6-gun Bermuda sloop, and my 8-gun British gunship.

The game got underway, after we whipped up a quick replacement wind arrow (our normal arrow was missing). Greg’s merchant ship decided to shoot at my gunship, but my Long Guns fired back and showed him what a mistake that was. I also traded shots with Justin’s Bermuda sloop, who came to the aid of the merchant. I took some heavy damage, and was down to only 2 guns per side by the last turn of the game.

Cary negotiated with Justin to go attack my gunship, and promised a chest of gold for the favor. He sent a small boat over to where Justin and Greg’s ships were hiding. I assumed that the boat had the chest of gold, so I didn’t pay attention to it. And that was my big mistake.

Cary had found 20 barrels of gunpowder when he searched one of the islands, and had hatched a plan to sink my ship. The small boat just had the gunpowder and minimal crew (who jumped overboard after igniting it). As soon as the small boat got within a few inches of my ship….BOOM! The blast did enough damage to sink my ship, and even if it hadn’t, the fire units that would have been placed onto the ship would have sank it in short order.

In the end, Cary had the most victory points, with Justin coming in a close second. I believe that all 3 players had fun in the game, and I hope that they come back to play again.


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