EftDDD playtest

(Trying to get back into posting regularly to this blog.)

Played some more of my tile-laying dungeon exploration game Escape from the Deep, Dark Dungeon with my son Daniel last night. I’m liking how the game is coming together, and really liking that it’s a game that Daniel and I can play together, and we both enjoy playing over and over.

Currently, the game is still too random for my taste, but I have some ideas on how to fix that. Also, there are very few tactics that players can use if another player finds a Sword. But, I’m thinking of adding in a rule where if a player attacks from a tile 1 height higher than the target, they will get a +1 (and a -1 for 1 height lower).

Also, if things work out, I will at attending the CABS Design Group meeting on Saturday, so if anyone wants to come check out either Ship Wreckers or EftDDD, come play.

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