EftDDD: wooden tiles, or full color chipboard hexes?

I did some investigation for larger hex tiles for EftDDD, and now I am at a quandary:

  1. From one company, I can get 1.5″ wide mdf hexes for about $.20 each in small quantities. And I can get full color 1″ round stickers from another company for $1.30 for a sheet of 63 (more than is needed).  So, it will be 40x$0.2=$8+$1.30 = $9.30, and the players will have to put the set together.
  2. My other option is to get full color 1.75″ chipboard hex tiles. The cost is $8.49 for a “sheet” of 40, which is perfect for EftDDD, plus I think they are double sided. The downside is that chipboard will “feel”  less substantial, but will look better.

(shipping is not included in either set of prices)

Another advantage of option 2 is that the company also sells the pawns, dice, and cards that EftDDD needs, so I could theoretically put it together and sell it on their site.  I don’t have artwork yet, but I think I could put something together, at least for some initial prototypes.

Hmm, a lot to think about….

In other news, On the advice of a couple of playtesters, I made a few changes to the game:

First, the Exit is not an encounter. It’s a level 3 tile. I replaced the Exit encounter card with a second Key. What this does is gets rid of the “if you draw the Exit encounter card before you find the key, you have to shuffle the Exit back into the deck”. When there are only a few cards left, that gets to be annoying.

Second, Treasure cards are now hidden until they are used. So, if you find a Sword, no one needs to know it until you attack them, or fight off a monster.

These 2 changes have made the game more tactical. If you find the Key before the Exit tile is drawn, you are going to want to move to the edge of the board, and draw more tiles (hoping to get the Exit). Also, if the Exit is placed early, it could be a surprise when someone moves to it and escapes. Players will now have to track each other’s moves more carefully. And finally, players can move to block each other from leaving, and potentially fighting over the Key.


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