New Years Day Gaming

On Saturday, January 1st, I had a few friends over so that we could play a few games. The games we played were Zombie Dice, Pirate-opoly, and Back to the Future card game. Zombie Dice is a simple dice game published by Steve Jackson Games. The game consists of 13 black dice with either green, [...]

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Epic Pirates Racing Game!

We had an Epic Pirates game Wednesday night. Counting myself, we had 5 players (including a completely new player). The scenario was: This week’s game is a 60pt, multi-player game. Ships, Equipment and crew from any nationality or set are allowed. You fleet is limited to THREE ships (including Flotillas, if wanted). Sea Dragons are [...]

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Awesome game of Pirates on Wednesday

We had 3 new players show up to play Pirates at the Soldiery on Wednesday. Including myself, and the other 3 regular players, we could have had a 7(!) player game. That has not happened in quite a while. I am hoping we get a turnout like that next month, on August 4th. Tweet

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