EftDDD: wooden tiles, or full color chipboard hexes?

I did some investigation for larger hex tiles for EftDDD, and now I am at a¬†quandary: From one company, I can get 1.5″ wide mdf hexes for about $.20 each in small quantities. And I can get full color 1″ round stickers from another company for $1.30 for a sheet of 63 (more than is [...]

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Playing in public

Playing ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP, DARK DUNGEON at Chic-fil-a. Tweet

Escape from the Deep, Dark Dungeon, Gaming

EftDDD playtest

(Trying to get back into posting regularly to this blog.) Played some more of my tile-laying dungeon exploration game Escape from the Deep, Dark Dungeon with my son Daniel last night. I’m liking how the game is coming together, and really liking that it’s a game that Daniel and I can play together, and we [...]

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Battle Report: Sailpower at Battle at Crossroads 2012

(Cross-posted from We had 3 players (Grey, Justin, and Cary) for our Sailpower game at Battle of Crossroads. To even the playing field, I decided to sit in and play, and we decided to play some of our new ship sculpts. We ended up with to lightly-armed 6-gun merchant ships, a 6-gun Bermuda sloop, [...]


Some video editing/production samples

Sea Dog Game Studios took some videos of the senior GMs at Charcon 2011. They asked me to process the videos are get them posted to their blog and YouTube. The 3 videos below are the ones I have completed so far.   Tweet

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Completed: Hounds of War layout (interior and cover)

I was asked by Paul Neher to do the interior and cover layout for the Hounds of War rulebook. Paul had decided to go with Amazon‘s CreateSpace printing option, which allowed us to do a full color, full bleed book at a reasonable cost. The book turned out very nice. Tweet

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Oh, I guess I DO have a horse in this race!

Last week, the 2011 Origins Award Nominees were released. I glanced over the list of nominees, but, at first glance, I didn’t see anything really unexpected. The Dresden Files Rpg got nominated (as well it should. The books are gorgeous). Fiasco got nominated (I have heard a lot of buzz about that one, but have [...]

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Coming soon from Jack Stevenson Games: Machete Crossbow Cop!

No, not really. But, Steve Jackson Games is putting out Munchkin Axe Cop. Man, that thing looks dangerous! Tweet

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New Years Day Gaming

On Saturday, January 1st, I had a few friends over so that we could play a few games. The games we played were Zombie Dice, Pirate-opoly, and Back to the Future card game. Zombie Dice is a simple dice game published by Steve Jackson Games. The game consists of 13 black dice with either green, [...]

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Epic Pirates Racing Game!

We had an Epic Pirates game Wednesday night. Counting myself, we had 5 players (including a completely new player). The scenario was: This week’s game is a 60pt, multi-player game. Ships, Equipment and crew from any nationality or set are allowed. You fleet is limited to THREE ships (including Flotillas, if wanted). Sea Dragons are [...]

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