Sneaky Dad is Sneaky

So, this morning my son didn’t want to go to school. He claimed he was sick (stomach), but after checking him over, he wasn’t. I think it ws because he got up too early today, and was up later than normal last night. So, I told him that if he was sick, he needed to [...]


Some video editing/production samples

Sea Dog Game Studios took some videos of the senior GMs at Charcon 2011. They asked me to process the videos are get them posted to their blog and YouTube. The 3 videos below are the ones I have completed so far.   Tweet

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Wedig Family Shirts

Recently, my family went to a big family reunion. To identify ourselves, and just because it was cool, we made up shirts for our family tree, starting my my parents and listing my family, and my brothers and their families. The basic idea of the shirt was a chemical symbol, with each person being one [...]

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Coming soon from Jack Stevenson Games: Machete Crossbow Cop!

No, not really. But, Steve Jackson Games is putting out Munchkin Axe Cop. Man, that thing looks dangerous! Tweet

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Oh bother, Romana!

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An Amazing Pirate Bedroom

Designer Steve Kuhl made this amazing Pirate-themed bedroom for a 6 year old Minnesota boy. The room includes a gangplank, crows nest, rope ladder, and a 3 story slide that ends in a downstairs closet. Very, very cool. Tweet


Delorean with Delorean Trailer

If you are going to build a time-machine into a car, you might as well do it with some style. And if you need to take a few extra bags, you can use this: More pictures here. Tweet


Stanley Kubrick’s IRON MAN

If Stanley Kubrick had directed Iron Man, what would the posters look like? I really like the one here on the left, but there are some really great ones in the linked thread. Tweet


New Years Day Gaming

On Saturday, January 1st, I had a few friends over so that we could play a few games. The games we played were Zombie Dice, Pirate-opoly, and Back to the Future card game. Zombie Dice is a simple dice game published by Steve Jackson Games. The game consists of 13 black dice with either green, [...]

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How Star Trek’s Warp Jump Evolved

There is a very cool article over on Gizmodo about How the warp jump in Star Trek evolved over the years. Tweet